a masochist in tokyo

Monday, June 05, 2006

my project has forced me to editorialize my experience here...in a sense, reconstituting what i've seen and done and distilling it into a couple pages of hammy "survival tips," for all its inherent disposability, has made me more cognizent of the whole of what i've done. it's not something i would have expected upon mounting the project, but i wouldn't say its entirely unwelcome. casting such a critical eye on something that superficially might be enlightening has made me a little cross at points, but the real surprise is how hungry i've become to delve deeper into the abyss. i don't claim to be any kind of cutural or social anthropologist, and i'm not the most articulate when it comes to reassembling sense experience into something someone might be interested in reading, but i do find myself wanting to test the limits of the fascination i've had and continue to have with the machinations of the japanese machine. after all, this program has been designed with the intention of allowing students of disparate backgrounds to share the effects of globalization and culture shock on one another.


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