a masochist in tokyo

Monday, May 29, 2006

thinking through my project has brought me to a couple of philosphical roadblocks. i think i know where i'm going with my message, and i think i have a vessel through which to deliver my message, but i'm a little battered by the thought that i'll have a to distill an enormous collection of thoughts and responses to a couple of pages of booklet (poster?) and a cd of noise. any representation of a culture brings with it a necessary paring of certain details...it creates its own stereotype, regardless of one's attempt at honest representation. i tried to sidestep the issue by making it less extroverted and more introverted, a single person's experience focused in on the difficulties inherent in a language difference. still, i found my project to be scattered. i don't know where i came to the conclusion, but i find myself leaning toward the idea of letting the outsider be aware of what they have to face. coming from a position of relative uncertainty about everything i see, the idea of letting someone in my position know what they are going to have to deal with is of some interest to me. at present i see my project falling under the heading of "how to confuse an american." in this way i have a proper vehicle to lay out certain expected elements and let the viewer understand what being a a gaijin in japan really means for you. language, culture and social absurdity are the order of the day, and a step by step guide to this culture shock could be an interesting thing to witness. i don't necessarily see it diverging too much in the media component from what i had planned, a noise collage is a nice mental prep for being totally lost within the cacophony that is tokyo and its many prefectures. understand that you are going to be overwhelmed every day. let it sink in. curse a lot. then get over it.


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